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Is CadSmart Chat free to use?

Yes, you can use CadSmart Chat for free. You don’t need to feed in any credit card details you use it either. Just sign-up and start Chatting!

How does AI writing work?

AI writing technology uses algorithms and machine learning to analyze data and generate written content based on specific criteria, such as topic, tone, and audience.

What is AI writing?

AI writing is the use of artificial intelligence technology to generate written content, such as articles, blog posts, and social media posts.

Can I trust AI writing to create high-quality content?

Yes, AI writing technology has advanced significantly in recent years and can produce high-quality and engaging content that is similar in quality to that produced by human writers.

Will AI writing replace human writers?

No, AI writing technology is designed to assist human writers and make their work more efficient. It cannot replace the creativity, style, and critical thinking skills of human writers.

What types of content can I create using CadSmart writing technology?

You can create a wide variety of content using CadSmart writing technology, including articles, blog posts, social media posts, email newsletters, product descriptions, and more

How can I get started with CadSmart writing on your website?

Simply sign up for an account on our website and choose the CadSmart writing tool that best suits your needs. You can then start creating content using the tool and see the results in real-time.

Is CadSmart Use - ChatGPT alternative GPT-4 powered?

Coming Soon,, it will come soon stay tend

What is CadSmart ?

CadSmart is the world's best AI writing platform for creating SEO-optimized content that increases organic traffic to your website on Google. By strategically placing keywords, internal links, and external links in your generated content, you can increase traffic, sales, and revenue 10x.

Is CadSmart free?

That's right. CadSmart offers a free forever of 2000 Premium words and ather premium features which is sufficient to give this AI platform a try. no credit card is required for this free forever.

Try CadSmart free forever and experience our AI writing capabilities for yourself.

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Which languages does CadSmart support?

We support +29 languages other than English at the moment.

If you would like us to support any other language, please reach out to us at

Who owns the generated copy?

Yes, you have ownership of all the copy generated in your account. You are free to use it for both personal and commercial purposes. CadSmart does not assert any ownership over the copy in your account.

Are there any long-term contracts that I have to sign?

No, signing long-term contracts is not required. If you are on a monthly paid plan, you have the flexibility to cancel at any time.

Is content generated with CadSmart plagiarism-free?

CadSmart AI is trained on an extensive dataset comprising a significant portion of the internet, with billions of parameters. This extensive training enables the AI to grasp the subtleties of grammar, spelling, and style, thereby generating content that is genuinely original. As a result, in 99% of cases, the content produced by the AI is considered unique and free from plagiarism.

Who can use CadSmart ?

CadSmart caters to a wide range of individuals, including marketers, entrepreneurs, agencies, and students, who desire to create content. It is not necessary to possess professional writing skills to utilize CadSmart effectively.

Professional writers also benefit from the AI-generated, SEO-optimized content provided by CadSmart. It aids them in brainstorming fresh ideas, saving valuable time, enhancing productivity, and ultimately generating increased revenue. As a result, CadSmart serves as a valuable tool for professionals in the writing industry.

1 Which templates and features does CadSmart offer?

There are a number of templates and features in CadSmart that make it one of the best and most unique AI writing platforms:

1- Templates

In addition, CadSmart offers a diverse selection of +61 templates to assist users in various areas. These templates encompass a wide range of documents, including resume templates, cover letter templates, resignation letter templates, invoice templates, meme templates, business plan templates, and numerous other useful templates. These pre-designed templates provide a convenient starting point for users, saving time and effort in creating professional and well-structured documents.

2- Ai Code

CadSmart has revolutionized the way developers write code. With its AI code generator, developers can now generate code faster and with more accuracy than ever before. AI code generators understand the context of a programming task and generate optimized code for it by using natural language processing (NLP). Software developers can use this feature to save time and create more quality products.

3- Ai Images

Al Image Generator is a powerful tool that can help content creators and digital marketers generate visually appealing images quickly and easily. It uses advanced artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to convert images into ai-generated art. With this tool, users can create stunning visuals with minimal effort, making it an ideal choice for those who need to produce high-quality visuals in a short period of time

4- Ai chat

CadSmart has developed an AI chat feature to help businesses provide a more personalized and engaging customer service experience. This AI chat is powered by natural language processing (NLP) technology, which allows it to understand customer queries and respond accordingly. It can also be used to generate automated responses for frequently asked questions, helping to reduce the workload of customer service staff. With this AI chat, customers can get quick answers to their queries in real time, making their experience more efficient and enjoyable

5-speech to Text

Speech-to-text technology has become increasingly popular in the last few years. It is a powerful tool that can help convert audio files into text quickly and accurately. This technology offers many advantages such as faster transcription of audio files, improved accuracy, and reduced costs. With the help of these features of CadSmart content creator, you can save time and effort while still getting the job done accurately.

6- Text to Speech

Like speech to text,, create audio files from texts

7- Affiliate Marketing Program

Easily grow your registered users with the affiliate program of CadSmart content writer. Now invite user with your affiliate link to join your affiliate marketing program and earn commission through referral income.

And more come soon

Does CadSmart provide an AI Image Generator?

Certainly! CadSmart Free AI Art generator, known as PhotoCad, empowers you to transform your text prompts into visually captivating pictures and art. Simply input a text prompt, and prepare to be amazed as PhotoCadS generates a stunning piece of art inspired by your input. The creative possibilities with PhotoCad are limitless, so feel free to explore and unleash your imagination. Give it a try and witness the magic of PhotoCad for yourself!


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